Monday, March 24, 2008

Crescent (Rock) City

The kids and I just got back from an overnight stay in Crescent City, CA. While Christy is in Mexico, we decided to forgo all the EasterMania (tm) and take a quick visit to the world's most un-gentrified coastal town. If you've never been, Crescent City lacks all of the pizazz of most Pacific Coast spots- which is exactly why it's the perfect place to get away.

The hotels are cheap, the attractions are infamously cheesy (see Ocean World, and Trees of Mystery), and the food is mostly fast! The town is full of rusty boats, hugely fat sea lions, and "chainsaw artists" whose primary medium is centuries-old local redwood. If you can handle the stomach-wrenching drive through the hairpin turns of highway 199, I highly recommend it. Special bonuses include the stunning Smith River, and 300 year old redwoods in the Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park. What's not to like?

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Miles Inada said...

Yes! Crescent City, you are my lady. Don't go changin.'