Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It Started with Space and Quisp

My lifelong obsession with technology started in 1969. I have vivid memories of watching the Apollo 11 moon landings on a black & white tv set while eating Quisp cereal. I remember my Mom plopped us down in front of the tv and told us, "You kids need to watch this, it's an important moment in history." She was right. Those images were played again and again over the course of my entire life. Quisp fit right in with everything that was going on at the time - space toys, technology as a political and cultural force, new ways to process corn meal and market it to 4 year-olds.

Quisp was a space alien from the Planet Q who arrived on earth to share his "Quazy Energy Cereal" which is secret code for "sugar-encrusted sugar saucers." Quisp had an enemy named Quake, who brought his own subterranean breakfast food which was "earthquake-powered." Years later Quisp and Quake would battle for supremacy in a public vote over who's cereal would remain on the shelves. I remember being really concerned that Quisp would go away forever. In the late 80's I was at a Piggly Wiggly grocery store and found it in the cereal-bag section - you know, the ones where they remake Lucky Charms and brand it as Lucky Stars. I ended up sitting around with friends that day eating Quisp and removing a good quarter inch of skin from the top of our mouths.

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Anonymous said...

(Miles' friend Warren)
When I was about five, I had a battery-powered Quisp hat, and I was determined that with enough work, I would be flying around the yard.

No flight, but learned a lot about hacking. A year or two I bought a Quisp biking jersey. I can find out who makes it if you're interested.