Saturday, May 10, 2008


In my game programming class, our last assignment was to create a Pong game using Flash and ActionScript. I usually create a game along with my students to keep my coding chops fresh. Behold, I give you RoboPong! A mix of 8-bit nostalgia matched with dorky cylon-inspired robots, and painfully nerdy sound effects... Click here to play.

Amazingly, all of this comes in a tiny 48k file. Props to vector graphics and compression! Please email me with any bugs. Miles, I'm waiting for you to return serve. Later.

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Miles Inada said...

Okay, that's beautiful. Unexpectedly, I found the sound effects mildly erotic. Love the end screen, and the beats. . . well how can I begin to describe their majesty? I had a couple of sweet Tim Hardaway crossover dribbles where the ball got stuck in a funky pattern at an extreme angle, but, hey, that's the way of the streets