Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summertime and the livin's easy...

Wahoo! Summer is off to an excellent start. The weather is surprisingly mild and comfortable and we've been very active so far. Already in the past week we've done the following:
  1. Rafted the lower Klamath River, with an excellent overnight stay at the Tree of Heaven Campground. Hank rode in my tahiti. He's a cool customer. He took a couple of naps in the front of my boat during the rapids. Hank needs to become a bomb-defuser or something related...
  2. Camped under a full moon with a bunch of friends for 3 days at the Whistlers Bend Park along the North Umpqua River just outside of Roseburg, OR. I ate a lot of chips and drank cheap beer, which is always cathartic.
  3. Attended the wedding of some friends from work. Met some really nice people and had a great time hanging out in the hills of Jacksonville, OR.
  4. Resurrected an old computer and installed the latest version of Ubuntu (a linux distribution). Amazingly easy and cool. Microsoft will eventually lose its operating system dominance if open source software continues to show this kind of quality.
  5. Built a stylin' tank-tread robot with the kids. Juliet is taking a robotics class this summer, so I figured it's never to early to start geeking out. A couple of years ago I bought the Vex Robotics System, which is an excellent platform for studying robotics. Here's a movie of what she's calling, "robotcha". The taped-on flashlight is Hank's contribution.

My other favorite thing this week was having some down time with the kids. In particular, Hank's vocabulary development has been hilarious if not downright ingenious. Here are some of my favorite words I've heard out of his un-schooled mouth.

  • prettyschool - n. (prit-ee' skōōl') A school for children who are not old enough to attend kindergarten; a nursery school.

  • rootbeard - n. (rōōt beerd) A carbonated beverage flavored with syrup made from the extracted juices of roots, barks, and herbs that have been fermented with sugar and yeast.

  • vitamint - n. (vahy-tuh-mint) Any of various fat-soluble or water-soluble organic substances essential in minute amounts for normal growth and activity of the body and obtained naturally from plant and animal foods.

  • meatbulb - n. (mēt'bôlb') A small ball of ground meat, esp. beef, often mixed with bread crumbs, seasonings, etc., before cooking.

  • dupposed - adj. (duh-pohzd) Assumed as true, regardless of fact; hypothetical: It's dupposed to go this way, Dad.

  • blathroom - n. (buh-lāth'rōōm') A room containing a bathtub or shower, and usually a sink and toilet. A place where "kids" can be "dropped off at the pool", or sometimes on the floor.

I've adopted rootbeard, as it's infinitely superior to the traditional pronunciation. It feels right that a proper gentleman would find his chin covered with foam after quaffing an icy cold root beer. Of course all of these words are hilarious until Hank hits kindergarten and then we'll have to pretend that we are surprised and disgusted.


Renee said...

Hi Scott. Does a teacher get to request a student? I SO want to be Hank's teacher. He makes me laugh. We (teachers at Bellview) have gotten such a kick out "Tell me the sounds in CAT" and his response "MEOW'. It was priceless! We would have 'root beard floats' in class and I would always let him go to the 'blathroom' when needed! (c;

Mrs. G

Scott Raedeke said...

Hi Renee, thanks for the note. Christy and I will throw a Bellevue parent-style fit if he's not in your class! He is definitely going to need some of your first grade magic.