Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Time for Rock

Almost there, just 3 more "in-service" days and summer is here. We graduated the largest class in our school's history yesterday, and I must admit, I'm going to miss some of those young'ns... some great human beings in the class of 2008. As summer approaches, I've been getting back into music so I'd like to offer some finds over the past month. Here goes:
  • Death Cab for Cutie, Narrow Stairs - they're stepping out a little with this new album. I'm still trying to decide whether I like the direction, but I'm listening to it all the time so it must be good. I like the way Ben Gibbard is playing with words and timing on "I Will Possess Your Heart."

  • MGMT - smooth 70's-like disco, synth-pop... The first time I heard "Electric Feel" I wanted to hate it, but it stuck like glue to my ear.

  • British Sea Power- interesting band but more importantly, best band name... ever.
  • Editors - Just found out about these guys. Their lead singer sounds like a mix between Rick Astley, and Brendan Perry.

  • Speaking of Dead Can Dance... Perry's "American Dreaming" sounds like some freaky alt-universe version of Neil Diamond. This clip has a little "Spinal Tap" moment up front.
  • Weezer - what's not to like about Rivers Cuomo? One of my personal heroes... and I love that all their albums are just self-titled. I can always say, "The new Weezer album is great!"
  • The Shins - Nothing new here but I'm still obsessed with their music.

    ...and Interpol too.

  • Finally, if you've ever loved Bowie you gotta hear this by Flight of the Conchords.
Email me if you have any good music recos. Enjoy the summer!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, British Sea Power for the win! Surely they overpower things in the sea with the sheer might of their Britishness!

Anyway, how's your summer going?