Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Barq's Bites

Parental lesson number 4,963... check the ingredients before you feed your kids. So the wife was out and I decided to treat the kids to some Wendy's (our first visit to this fine establishment - wink). Hank decides he wants a "Root Beer Frosty" with his ultra-nutritious "chicken" nugget meal, and I let him have one in a moment of bad judgement.

Here's Hank, post drink:

Apparently, Barq's root beer is not caffeine free. If only we could harness this elemental source of power... and yes, there are two japanese girls kissing in a commercial in the background. I'm right in the middle of a marathon of Unbeatable Banzuke episodes on G4TV. I think this post nicely sums up my parenting skills.

'nuff said.