Friday, October 10, 2008

FEZ: Zen Master Snowboarding Monkey

Next week my Advanced Digital Media classes are going to venture into the world of logo design. We talked about branding and target markets yesterday. I had to really keep a lid on my Jekyl/Hyde, marketing guy/teacher blabber... old habits die hard. My students started exhibiting the glazed stare that my wife gets when I chatter on passionately about something. OK, I get it, I'm moving on to the demo now!

One of my classes chose snowboarding as the market they'd like to design for, so I spent some time today building an example in PhotoShop using only the shape tool and the text tool. We don't have graphics tablets in my lab. Hence (yes, hence), the proper use of the shape tool is essential for this assignment. I thought it would be difficult without a tablet, but it wasn't that bad. There are enough shapes available to do almost anything.

I've always been obsessed with monkeys and fez-style hats, so why not combine them both? Here's a 4 color, and b/w version. Juliet thinks I need to use a darker brown, which is probably a good call. Damn kids are always right!

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Atlas Rune said...

My Old Fez Avatar

I made this back in 2006. When you showed that in class, it reminded me of this old image.

Also, great job.