Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Precious Moments Thanksgiving Post

On vacation? Check. Sitting around watching cartoons with Hank in my bathrobe? Check. Ready to feast at my Mom's house? Check. Anticipating a huge Seahawk victory over the Cowboys later today? Uhhh... check? Besides this potential grid iron catastrophe, I can't really complain. Life is pretty good. I'm sure the web is filled with these kinds of posts today, so I'm happy to offer yet another list of things I'm thankful for...
  • My Family - what did you expect? I have a beautiful wife, and two hilarious kids. I've got 3 sets of loving grandparents living within 30 minutes of our house. My brother and sister are awesome and have great families. Genealogical life is good.

OK, now that I've stated what's really important I can move on to other more frivolous thanks in no particular order...

  • Photo Shop - This product has changed my life. Although I've been using it for over a decade, I'm still constantly finding new features. Non-stop goodness..
  • My Casio G-Shock - I used to be a watch fetishist. I would wear several models throughout the year. I've been stuck on my G-Shock MTG Solar Atomic watch for the last five years. It's made of cool black metal! It's powered by the sun! It receives signals from the Atomic clock in Ft. Collins, Colorado! of the most dependable pieces of technology I've ever owned.
  • The Office - This show has provided a cornucopia of yuks throughout the year. Yes, I'm nervous about the new season but it's still damn funny. Combined with 30 Rock, it makes Thursday evening something to savor.
  • My 1991 Specialized Stump Jumper FS - I've put over 600 miles on this rig during my fall commute and it's hanging in there. Not bad for a 17 year-old bike. I keep waiting for the spokes to pulverize at high speed. I should probably install a plastic Jesus on my handle bars.
  • The NFL - Although I'm disappointed in the Seahawks, the NFL never disappoints. So many great story lines - Favre and the Jets, the evil unstoppable force known as the Patriots, the resurgence of the Titans with Kerry Collins at the helm, Kurt Warner and the buzzsaw Cardinals. Parity rules, and so does the NFL season. It's always interesting and fun to watch.
  • My Students - Kids indeed say (and do) the darnedest things! I'm constantly amazed at the talent that the Millennial Generation shows. These guys give me a lot of hope for the future. They're socially conscious, technically nimble, and hopelessly ADD (in the best way possible). I feel lucky to teach these guys.
  • The Internet - Thank God for our no-limits, endless, information super-highway. Let's try to keep it that way by denying idiotic concepts like tiered fees for bandwidth usage and endangering privacy and free speech. The Internet is the last wild west on the planet.
  • Kinder Eggs - Christy and I discovered these in Europe in the late 90's. This time of year we can buy them at our local Whole Foods-like (a.k.a. Whole Paycheck) grocery store. It's like the holiday season in a little foil-wrapped egg. Chocolate on the outside, ingeniously complicated German toy on the inside.
I hope this weak post finds you healthy, happy, and warm for Thanksgiving. Enjoy the weekend!

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Miles Inada said...

y'all's charmin' and funny! Let's get this ridiculous quarter over with and commune with nature. After that, let us talk about sending carefully ordered electrical signals over global networks so that people may be entertained.