Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Put Your Game Face On!

16 men are now preparing for a weekend full of nerves, athletic prowess, and brutal competition - for one the taste of victory, for another the agony of defeat! No, I'm not talking about the Super Bowl on Sunday (btw, Cards +3 in a close one that seals Kurt Warner's freakish fate as a hall-of-famer). No, No... I'm talking about the 15th annual Rec Room Romp, an annual Seattle event where 16 men compete in double-elimination ping pong, pool, and bowling. Winners of the RecRoomRomp receive the Moorad Cup, named after Romp founder Joe Moorad, while the 16th finisher gets The Jacket - a hideous sport jacket that is modded every year by its recipients.

I've been meeting with the same set of guys for 15 years for a day of fun. What started out as an excuse to drink beer has turned into an awesome tradition. I would like to tell you that I'm good at these competitions, but I am not. Unlike my highly competitive wife, I don't have that gene. I don't have a game face. When I play hoops with my friends I'm the annoying guy that is laughing and encouraging everyone while running down the court... "Good job!" "Nice shot!" "That's OK, good move..." I sound like Chuck Woolery. I have size and strength, but my feet are flat, and I suffer from double-vision due to a skateboarding accident in 7th grade. (I just read that sentence again. I am Quasimoto!)

So the events of the Rec Room Romp are not kind to me. I'm aloof at ping pong, I have a hard time aiming in pool and although I can throw a killer curve, I'm a spotty bowler . I am one of the lowest scoring members of the Romp and I've personally owned The Jacket many times. As I leave the house every year to travel north Christy yells, "Don't come home with that Jacket!"

Why do I go? Because I enjoy hangin' with a group of guys with a lot of history. My forty-ish pals have been through a lot over the years. Our Saturday of sports and festivities has really become something special. Here's to the Romp, where everyone is a winner.... even if I lose a little this weekend.


Christy Raedeke said...

Funny, in 15 years I've never seen the Moorad Cup. Maybe you could bring it home this year?

Miles Inada said...

Romp on, my brother. Victory cups are. . . for losers. And, you've got my respect on the court, fo sho. Finally, remember that all sports and games are but mock heroics. True heroism involves killing.

peteo said...

It's all about being in the arena.

Scott, don't worry, I will ship down your Prize soon. I'm thinking about insuring it for $5,000 - is that enough?