Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wordle is Wonderful

I know it's been around for awhile, but wordle is still really cool. You can point it to a site or paste in a bunch of text and it'll make word clouds based on word frequency (larger = higher frequency). This seems like a good tool for teachers to use with students. You could paste your research paper into it and see what horrors appear. Hmmm... I might have to make wordle part of my digital media class. Oh, and apparently I love to use the word, "web". Here's a wordle based on my blog.

Wordle: 8bit Ghost

Here's another one based on the lyrics of Nirvana's "Bleach". One of my favorite albums of all time. A lot of people think Kurt Cobain is such a downer, but look how big "Fun" is in the wordle!

Wordle: Nirvana - Blieach

1 comment:

Miles Inada said...

T'was wonderful. I was ignorant of it. I'm soooo 1994.