Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Jonny Quest Wants a New Dad

Continuing on with my indulgent and mind-numbing favorite cartoon series.... I present Jonny Quest!

JQ represented James Bond cool, bitchin' high-tech toys, international intrigue, sci-fi plot lines, and a cast devoid of all things woman. Jonny's Dad was Dr. Benton Quest, a whip smart government scientist. However, it was pretty clear that Dr. Quest's buddy, jet pilot/body guard/special agent Race Bannon, was the anti-nerd favorite in this show. If you've ever been embarrassed about your real dad, Race Bannon represented the best of all the things a father could be. Now that I'm a real dad, I am definitely embarrassed to be less cool than Dr. Quest.

Jonny, his turban-wearing psychic foster brother Hadji (can you ever remember another Indian boy in a cartoon?), and his awesome dog Bandit always seemed to be at the crossroads of a world-ending caper. I like the fact that these 11 year old boys would "accidently" get involved in the conflict and then the adults would just let them go along for the dangerous journey instead of hiding them in a styrofoam bike helmet somewhere.

The music in this cartoon is monsterous, and classic. Big band rat-a-tat horns on hyperdrive, full of fear and danger. Jonny Quest was one of the most violent kids cartoons ever created - the body count is high, and killing occurs without remorse. Still, it was a good ride while it lasted...

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Thaddeus said...

I have the 4 disc first season on dvd. I got it as a holiday gift. It's entertaining.