Saturday, March 14, 2009

Come on! Grow! DAMN YOU! Grow!

If there was ever a year when America needed spring, this is it. Today, I'm willing spring into action. We're cleaning up the yard, washing cars, biking, and generally pretending that it's 85 out when it's actually closer to 40. At school we're t-minus one week away from spring break (a.k.a. SPRING BREAK!), but my students are already there mentally and physically. We had a 70 degree day yesterday and everyone was wearing flip flops and shorts - reminded me of college where I think I wore shorts for a whole year once (and yes, Diane, this is after the year that Dave and I wore surgical scrubs). Now that he's a real doctor, I'm clearly a poser.

Any who... I hope you're enjoying a little mini-revival brought on by mother nature. Americans! It's time to forge our new, and brighter future!

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Anonymous said...

There's nothing like a cute boy in scrubs. You and David were clearly ahead of your time.