Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Macrame... Er... Survival Bracelets

I've always been drawn to knots. There are thousands of knots for very specific purposes, and I like to think of knot knowledge in the same vein as ninja skills. I don't care what you think unless you can tie a Monkey's Fist! If so, we can move on to the secret handshake.

Rain spoiled my spring conjuring session last weekend. So I started making these "Survival Bracelets" that I originally discovered in a post on Gizmodo. What are they made of? Why 20-40 feet of 550lb para cord (that's what us Rogue Valley men call parachute cord) and other mountain-climbing-useful rope. These can be unraveled and re-woven in no time. Why would you want to make one? Because you might accidentally cut off your leg and need a tourniquet. You might find yourself lost in the woods and need to build a shelter. Your dryer might stop working and you'll need a clothesline. But most likely you'll need some rope to tie down that hideous purchase you just made at a garage sale.

If you enjoy making things with your hands, these are cool and easy. The knot is called a Cobra Stitch, and is also known as a Portuguese Sinnet, or the Solomon Bar. I taught Juliet in about 3 minutes and then she busted out several in the same evening. There are many tutorials on teh interwebs (look here, here, and here).

Hardware clasps are optional, but they're a little more secure with one. The bottom photo is what they call a "king cobra". I'd tell you how, but it would require many more secret handshakes. Don't leave home without one, the apocalypse is nigh!

And yes, that's a Monkey's Fist at the top of the first picture. Stone cold ninja...

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Daniel said...

I got bored and I'm stuck in Eugene... so I walked down to the REI, bought some rope and clips and made me some bracelets... I'm glad I remembered your post.