Sunday, March 29, 2009


Continuing in a comic-pop-art-focused line of thought... If you've ever owned a vinyl figure (action figure, toy, doll, whatever your ego requires them to be called) I think you'll enjoy papercraft toys - a.k.a. flat pack toys. Illustrators and designers are working their magic on paper forms as a kind of 3D canvas. The cool thing is that it's like an open source art movement. You can download their cool designs, or blank templates in jpg or pdf format to create your own works of art. Simply cut out the form, fold and assemble. I really like the pairing of modern design and hand-crafting. Here are some excellent sources for popular papercraft toys:If you dive in to these sites you'll find some really cool projects for kids. I'm going to make some "customs" by loading the templates into Photoshop. These can take some time to assemble so take a deep breath, have fun, and good luck with all of those paper cuts.


Anonymous said...

Scott, Hank and Juliet must LOVE having you for a dad! What fun things you find to do with them.
No wonder they were SO excited to get home to see and play with Dad!
Carol (Grammy)

Miles Inada said...

'tis rollicking. We linked to your site from the DMF blog:

y'all's a star