Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Neither Season

We're in between winter and spring here... alternating snow, rain, and hot sun. Plants are now growing and leaves are almost complete. Time for some music picks. I've decided to focus on the rash of indie bands that include animals in their band name. Trendy lot they are...

Deerhunter - Similar to the Decemberists, I'm repulsed and attracted to this band. Maybe that's a sign that they are good. They hail from Atlanta, GA. Here's a audio-only video of their song, "Nothing Ever Happened". Ignore the video and just listen.

Grizzly Bear - Good stuff, earnest and beautiful. Sorry for the cruddy video, but this live performance of "Deep Blue Sea" at the Brooklyn Academy of Music is too good to pass up.

Fleet Foxes - I love this band. Yes, they are a painfully hip throwback to a bygone era of rock. One of the cool things about getting older is watching bands re-invent musical trends from the past, and mix them up in a new way. +1 for their oh-so-serious use of goats in this clip! Here's "He Doesn't Know Why"...

Noah and the Whale - I always feel like I'm watching a Wes Anderson movie when I hear their music. Just read on Wikipedia that they are big fans, so this make sense. Doesn't this sound like something out of Rushmore? Can't embed the video, so you'll have to click on the link to hear, "5 Year's Time".

They say that there are gold ships, and silver ships, but no ships like friendships. Adieu mon ami!

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Anonymous said...

Love those Hairy Fleet Foxes!
(I'm just glad someone is recycling the word "fox")

Mrs. Denny