Wednesday, April 15, 2009

SkillsUSA: "Champions at Work"

Hey, sorry for the silence. Spent the weekend with four whip-smart and talented high school students at the Oregon SkillsUSA competition - a proletariat, union-esque, red-jacketed celebration of all things American and work related. I dragged four students to beautiful Albany, Oregon to participate in the state advertising design competition. Over the course of a grueling four hour test they produced logos, advertisements, packaging, and the dreaded "mechanical" (my advertising brothers and sisters who have slaved over newspaper 1/4 page ROP ads know exactly what I'm talking about).

Lo and behold one talented sophomore student won the whole dang thing! But the fun does not stop there. We're headed to Kemper Arena in Kansas City to compete on a national level in late June. I'm actually really excited for my student to show off his skillz at a national level. It's quite an honor and I think he will do well. Perhaps I should live blog the action on the floor of Kemper Arena!?! Last year when I did a post about this event, I got a lot of cat calls to show a picture of me in "competition dress" (red SkillsUSA jacket, black pants and tie, white shirt, dress shoes, etc). Don't hold your breath, I'm still not showin'!

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Anonymous said...

Major congratulations to you and your exceptional student. How come I never read of this in the paper? When a student does a negative action, it goes statewide, but I would like to see THIS student's name in print. He deserves it, and best of luck to him in Kansas. Anything the community could do to help?
Carol Moody