Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Change of Perspective

If, like me, you are a geek. I'm hoping that you're spending some time on Wired's web site. Wired is legendary for their innovative print design and cool story lines, but they also do a great job on the web. I thought this story was particularly interesting. Some talented grad students at the University of Washington (aka "YewDub" if you live in Seattle), had a great idea - point space probes back at Earth to get an understanding of what a life-supporting planet might look like from afar. They used the Deep Impact spacecraft to observe Earth from 30 million miles away. They calculated color wavelengths to help differentiate water from land masses. This could help immensely in determining oceans and continents on our blurry neighbors in space. Here's a link to the full story on

I like the focus on "seeing" is believing. Observers of science, rise up! John Locke's "Empiricism" is alive and well!

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