Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Favorite Flash Games

The Internet is supposed to make us more productive, but we all know that it's a morass of time wasting activities. For every productive moment on the Internet there is two moments of wasting time (LOLcats and Facebook be damned!). Here are some of my favorite stress-relievers on the Internet:

Bloxorz - Maddeningly addictive... The goal here is to roll a rectangular brick end over end, or sideways to dump it into a hole. Don't knock it, until you try it! Rolling bricks has never been so perplexing or satisfying.

N - You are a gold-diggin' Ninja (hence the "N" title). This game clearly has roots in the old "Jumpman" Commodore 64 titles and a healthy nod to "Loderunner". The game play is deep and complex. There are over 500 levels in the latest version.

Mini-Putt - A classic from the early part of this decade. I don't even like golf, and I like playing this game. When this came out, my friends Pete and Chris went to war with me over low scores. It devolved into a long string of emails with screen caps that were under dispute, and cries of "photoshop!".

flOw - A beautifully designed, elegant flash game created by Jenova Chen. Flow is part of Chen's thesis research at the University of Southern California's Interactive Media Division. As you eat other organisms you evolve and swim deeper into the murky depths. Brilliant.

Click Fest - If you like popping bubble wrap, then this is the game for you. It's simple, yet compelling - click all the buttons on the screen as fast as you can. Be sure to try Click Fest 1 through 4 for some variety.


Miles Inada said...

Lots of sweetness here, as usual--Thanks for the call and the thoughts. Evening tennis this week? Love the music post too--have been checking out the sounds that are big with the young people. Yar!

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I have only tried playing Mini Putt. But I had fun playing that game. Considering the other games you have posted, I would take a bet they will also be addicting and fun to play.

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raucousloki said...

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