Sunday, June 21, 2009

Danny McBride's Pile of Awesomeness: Eastbound and Down

The brothers Inada hooked me up with a season 1 DVD of "Eastbound and Down" - Danny McBride's new series on HBO. This is one of the most crass shows I've ever seen but it is damn funny. This guy has been in a lot of films lately including, Pineapple Express, Tropic Thunder, and Land of the Lost. He's a friend of Will Ferrell's and appears in a lot of stuff that he does with Adam McKay.

Eastbound and Down is the story of fallen baseball player Kenny Powers. The story begins after he has thrown the winning pitch in the world series and then quickly falls from grace due to a dead arm. The whole series is an experiment in low. Low hanging mullets, lowered expectations, low brow humor and language, low income, low self-esteem, yada yada... This show is the ultimate saga of a man trying to recapture his youthful talents while rejecting who he has become. It's a great show, and his motivational cassette tapes are worth it alone. Plus Will Ferrell plays a insidious BMW dealership owner who becomes sort of a nemesis for Kenny.

Disclaimer: This show is not for kids! Check out the trailer...

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