Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dot Com Has Been Downsized

There comes a time when all fads have to be put into the back of the closet so that we can laugh at them later. Our GMC Denali (aka "the dotcom mobile", "mid-life crisis mobile", "big pimpin") went in for some major surgery last week. I was having some trouble with my O2 sensors and engine misfires. It turns out my fuel injectors needed replacing, and few other issues. While in the shop I traded out my huge rims and tires for a stock set. Dubs were cool at one time, but I started to feel like I was wearing a rhinestone "Ed Hardy" t-shirt everytime I'd drive around town... best to put these away. The car runs like a champ now! I like the new family truckster style, and I'll bet my gas mileage skyrockets. I think we should rename this the "Grocery Getter".

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