Tuesday, June 23, 2009

SkillsUSA Nationals Day 2: Opening Ceremonies

Busy day, and still hawt as h-e-double-hockey-sticks. We spent the morning touring the booths at the Techspo (technical expo). Lowes dropped a sweet backpack on every attendee, pretty impressive shell out I must say. We also attended an orientation session that covered the 8 hours of competition my student will go through on Thursday of this week. The advertising design contest is highly detailed and creatively brutal. These kids really have to be on their game. Apparently, Hallmark Cards is headquartered out of Kansas City so they will be judging a lot of the competition. It was kind of a shock to see 50 students at the orientation, dead serious, focused, taking notes and asking intelligent clarifying questions. At the conference there is an insane tradition of trading state chapter pins with other attendees, which results in all kinds of hucksterism. More on that in a future post...

Later in the evening all conference attendees whooped it up at the opening ceremonies in Kemper Arena. It was a crazy soup of corporate promotion, motivational speaking, high tech multimedia, and all things SkillsUSA. The cult of the red jacket was at full throttle! I feel like we're in a vocational ed version of High School Musical. I'm kind of at a loss for words, so I'll just let you watch this clip which shows the lead-in to the first set of student speakers.

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Makes me miss DECA and FFA