Wednesday, June 24, 2009

SkillsUSA Nationals Day 3: Setup and Testing

Today was less intense for most of our team. We had a little issue last night at 1am with a registry file and had to burn a DVD and install Windows 7 on one of the laptops. Luckily everything was up and running by the time we hit the convention center at 7:30am. We started the morning setting up our computers in the competition areas, making sure that everything was working correctly. Later I toured the main competition floor - and wow! It's pretty massive. There are 16 football fields of space in which students are competing! I'll post some pics later in the week.

I attended two classes in the afternoon. The first was a presentation on the future of graphic design and digital media by Brian Alves at Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island. Brian's presentation focused on key skills that the designers of the future need, as well as a model for the creative process. He's launching a new program next year based on the research of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) and Adobe titled, "Defining the Designers of 2015". Digital design is becoming so fragmented and crazy, it was refreshing to see that someone had spent some time doing research and figuring out an appropriate program of study for students - lots of thought provoking ideas, and some good fodder for my graduate class with Miles Inada at SOU this summer. I'm know where I'm headed next year with my curriculum.

The second class was in regards to the Adobe Certified Associate program. Adobe tests and certifies students in Photoshop, Flash, and Dreamweaver. I'm going to get certified this year, and then become a testing center so that my students can do so as well. This will be a great way to validate their skills and knowledge with potential employers, and it may allow me to award a ton of college credit during high school. Many community colleges offer 6 credit hours or more when a student get certified.

KC is under siege! Lots of heat warnings over the last two days and night thunderstorms like I've never seen before. It rained so hard tonight we got soaked walking twenty feet from the rental car to the restaurant. The streets are rivers... flash flood warnings... why hath God smoten KC? I'm stumped, good night!

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