Thursday, June 25, 2009

SkillsUSA Nationals Day 4: Competition

Today was the big competition for our district students. We had a contestant in Advertising Design, Architectural Drafting, and Computer Maintenance Technology. All three students spent 8 hours competing in their different areas along with 50 other students. Everyone did a great job, although it was hard to watch these guys suffer through all the tasks - it's intense. My co-worker and I spent the day touring the competitions, meeting with colleagues and generally fretting over our student's success.

My student, who was competing in Advertising Design had to create an energy drink juice logo and package, along with a complicated mechanical reproduced from an original ad. All of our students did a great job and I'm really proud. Tomorrow we'll debrief with the judges on each contest and attend the closing awards ceremony in the evening. Here's a pic from today's Ad Design competition.

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