Saturday, June 27, 2009

SkillsUSA Nationals Day 5: Awards

Friday was our last day of the conference. Our students met with the competition advisors and judges in the morning to debrief the contest. It was interesting to see what the judges had to say. They were really good about identifying good and bad trends in people's work, and laying out next steps for their careers. In the evening we attended the closing ceremonies at Kemper Arena - it was nuts! Thousands of students all bouncing around in near 100 degree temperatures and humidity. Here's a movie clip of our view from the floor of the arena.

Every competition is announced and students go on stage to receive gold, silver, and bronze medals. Many of the top 3 finishers get full-ride scholarships to excellent colleges and trade schools. It's cool to see all of the emotion from the kids who win - it's a big deal. Unfortunately, our student were not medal winners but they still did really well. As they say, you're a champion for just being at nationals. We had a great time this week, and I think the students learned a lot about their respective fields of work. Already we're talking about which competitions we should enter next year. I'm so proud of these students - they are incredibly talented, mature, and ready for a successful life after high school. Good job guys! Here's a little montage I put together this morning in my hotel room using Picasa. Apologies for the cheesy soundtrack, but it was the only audio clip I could find on my laptop.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Scott, for the updates on your week. It looks so impressive. I'm glad there is such a wonderful way for the technical students to showcase their talents.

Anonymous said...

Great coverage of a worthy event. I imagine it was a bit of a hormone fest as well :)


Daniel said...

Ahaha... The Skills USA theme song:

oh, and thanks for the videos. It looks like a pretty sweet event.