Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fourth of July, Yo!

I like this holiday. Any day that combines parades, old cars, fighter planes, a lot of noise and explosives is my kind of day. Although I'm definitely a cynic, my heart swells a little on the fourth and I'm really proud to be an American. Christy's still in recovery mode, so the kids and I attended the Ashland Fourth of July parade this morning. We're just spectators this year (literacy will not be celebrated with our local library). Ashland's a small town, so this parade is a big deal around here.

I like to do fireworks (for the kids, of course - wink, wink) and we're having the Inadacheks over tonight for a little BBQ and show. It's not likely to match last year's Tiki Punch Festival and Yard Fire, but I've got some tricks up my sleeve. Happy fourth everybody!

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