Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Live Hospital Blogging!

11:23am - I'm hanging out with Christy at Ashland Community Hospital - she's having carpal tunnel surgery today. I'm blogging from my iPhone. Texting is hard for an old guy like me! Anyways, Christy is excited for the procedure. Typing is next to breathing for her, so today should bring some relief. I'm actually looking forward to spending some time with her around the house during recovery. More news as it happens!

8:42pm - A long day. Christy's surgery went well although she won't admit that the painkillers are affecting her at all (methinks otherwise). The sad truth is that she has to hold her hand above her heart for the next week. When she sleeps we tape two pillows around her forearm so that the hand stays up in the air. Its like she's constantly trying to get the attention of a waiter... and I am her Jeeve's.


Anonymous said...

Godspeed and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

'da Bowes

Scott Raedeke said...

Thanks, Ba-ohs... Btw, your new wordpress blog for the Africa trip is awesome. I really enjoyed the post on the kids getting immunized. It was like revisiting my childhood cafeteria where they shot us with those pressure guns in the shoulder - the waiting is the hardest part.

Anonymous said...

We'll be at the cabin Thursday through Sunday. If Christy wants some quiet time, you can bring the kids over any time. (Ulterior motive... we don't know how to hook up the TV from home with the new antenna and box, and could use your technological expertise!) Blair will be golfing, I'll take them swimming and biking, and you can hang out and tinker with TV.