Saturday, August 1, 2009

You may ask yourself... Where does my waste go?

Alreet. I attended a Sustainability Institute last July (btw, I found out my carbon footprint is a massive black hole - being a technophile and driving the dotcom mobile is definitely a problem). The focus of the conference was to raise awareness on lowering our impact on the earth, and how we can teach students in high schools to be better stewards. For my fellow teachers and I, it was an opportunity for us to act like 14 year-olds and gawk at gross things that come out of the sewer (Lucky, T-Bone, and Rhino - you know who you are). If you're on the fence about ecology... simply visit a waste water treatment plant and everything will be crystal clear!

I've always hated the word, "sewage". It's the perfect auditory representation of the physical product. Treating sewage is actually pretty amazing. It's incredible how efficient the process has become, and that relatively clean water can come from such unholy spew. But there is one dumpster in the plant that cannot be saved by our techno-wizardry. This pile represents things that cannot be reclaimed or decomposed. If ye dare to click on this tiny picture, then hide your children and grab a vomitous receptacle!!! You have been warned...

My God, what hell hath we wrought!?!

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