Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Book of Jobs

After years of sitting on my hands and resisting the high cost of smart phones, I finally succumbed and bought an iPhone this summer. I have a bumpy history with Apple. I was obsessed with all things Apple during college, but I couldn't afford one and ended up getting deep into PC's because of all the video games available on the PC. In the early nineties, I started at Microsoft with a Macintosh on my desk (gasp!?! what!?!). Yes, it's true people... Microsoft had many Mac users in the early days. Among other products, I helped market MacOffice to the masses. It sold more than our Windows version in the early days. About a year in, all of our machines were replaced with PC's so that we could test Microsoft's newest version of Windows and email.

I digress... After years of making fun of the "Cult of Steve", I'm eating crow in a big way. Earlier this summer I met a designer at a conference who said, "If it's not on a phone, it's useless." I was really offended until I started using my iPhone more than my laptop. The touch screen and the app store make this device endlessly useful. Yea, the keyboard interface sucks and iTunes is still a horrible piece of software - but I'm hopelessly sold on it. After years of making fun of texters, I'm now texting like a teenage girl, "ZOMG, WTF, ROFL Copter!!!"

Let the derision begin!


Josephine said...

OMG!! I can't believe you just said that :P LOL

Barbara Slaton said...

Scott, I didn't know you were so into games! You should be a beta tester for Suzanne's company, OnLive. They are shaking up the gaming Industry!