Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Storage Units: A Uniquely American Malaise

I read an interesting article recently in the NY Times about storage units. Those little garages say a lot about how Americans over value their possessions. It's also a great indicator that our consumerism has an interesting waste cycle (half life) of its own. Perhaps these cardboard boxes and plastic tubs of misc goods make us feel more permanent on this earth, or give us a sense of our own history.

I'm guilty too. We've owned a storage unit for the last 5 years. It's like a convenient ball and chain. You must believe me when I say, "We've got valuable stuff in there!" But I'm sure that beyond a few nice pieces, it's just psychological baggage. It's weird how we define ourselves based on our "stuff". Please take a gander at this article... It says a lot about our culture, and I found myself nodding my head throughout the text.


Atlas Rune said...

You have a storage unit?

The only interaction I've had with one of those was through scouts. We have all our miscellaneous tents, supplies, and tools in a storage unit.

Our troop got all the remnants from an old troop that disbanded, so we've got enough tents and kitchen boxes for a troop twice our size.

Also, a decent size storage unit can store a canoe or two inside as well as other stuff.

Atlas Rune said...


How did you get that?