Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm Becoming a Hunchback! Fall Music...

I'm beat today... Work stank. Do you ever feel like you're working really hard to push the ball up the hill and it keeps rolling down over the top of you? Today is thus. Smoten, jinxed, awry. Best to just wallow in the beauty and peace of music. Here are some picks for the brooding fall season. Warning! Retroness is nigh!

The Helio Sequence - ultra cool band out of Portland (my home town). Great background music for hanging out around the house.

The Raconteurs - I've been revisiting their first album. It holds up really well three years later. Jack White is the man. If you're a fan, check out "It Might Get Loud", the documentary he made with Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page, and The Edge from U2.

The Pixies - My friend Chris is canceling his plans to attend the latest Pixies reunion tour in Seattle next month so that he can go to a remote cabin with his brosephs. You are a good friend, Chris. If Frank Black were coming to Ashland, I'm not sure I could be so loyal. As a tribute to you, I give you an ancient rendition on the BBC where they all still have hair!

Pinback - a band I learned about from John in the Morning at KEXP. I like the simple drawings in this video.

Massive Attack - What's not to like about the combination of Massive Attack and Elizabeth Fraser from the Cocteau Twins? I find this song very soothing, but I hated the original video for it - a singing fetus!?! I'm still surprised that Fraser is not a superstar in the music biz.

Here's to a new day tomorrow.

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