Saturday, October 31, 2009

Swine Flu Day 3

I'm going to live! No fevers today, but I'm still coughing up green goblins and the sore throat is still intense. Still bed-ridden, and achy, but overall a better day. I'm ready to join the survivors of pandemic 2009. Hopefully more recovery tomorrow.

The only bummer is that I missed Halloween. The kids had great costumes. This year they went as Gnomeo and Juliet... Get it!?! Juliet looks cute as usual, but Hank makes me bust up every time I look at him. There's something about tiny suspenders and a beard.

This next sentence makes me the biggest wussy on the planet... I miss hugging my wife and kids! I've been in quarantine in our house for the last three days. No one is coming within 3 feet of me and everything I touch is being wiped down with disinfectant. At least Oregon crushed USC this evening... Goodnight from your local leper.

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Atlas Rune said...

That gnome costume is great.