Sunday, October 4, 2009

You Are Correct, Sir!

Hank just turned 6! He had an awesome birthday yesterday. Key highlights included a totally chocolate breakfast (hot chocolate and chocolate chip pancakes), a shopping spree at Toys R Us (excellent toy choices btw), and a small party with his buddies Sam, Jack, and Grace (and Juliet of course). Hank is wise beyond his years, as evidenced by this sly video clip...

...and, like his father, he knows how to correctly tuck his t-shirt into his underwear. I love you, Hank! You're a stylish and witty lad!


Atlas Rune said...

What sort of toys did he choose?

Anonymous said...

Aunt Cathy, Grandpa, and I wish Hank a VERY HAPPY sixth birthday, we loved your joke! Thanks for posting it!
Love, Grammy