Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Frills

Today I pulled the trigger on a new laptop - just bought the Dell Studio 14z model. Dell is heavily discounting laptops right now, so if you're in the market you should take a look. My main ride has been a Inspiron 1705; a beast of a laptop that has held up surprisingly well. The only problem is that it is HUGE and HEAVY. I really like the new netbooks, but I needed a little more power for all the resource hoggin' Adobe software that I run. The 14z is a higher end machine in a smaller form factor than the standard 15-17" laptops. It doesn't have a CD/DVD player, but I'm rarely using one these days unless I'm installing software.

Now I just have to sit on my hands while I wait for Dell to build my machine and ship it out!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, but how is it for "graphics"? Congrats on your new purchase :)
PS Steve V. coached the Liberty Patriots tonight in the state championship. Alas, they lost but he had an unbelievable season!

Dona b.