Sunday, November 8, 2009

Judah Friedlander's Supafine Art Gallery

If you're a fan of 30 Rock or standup comedy, then you'll recognize Judah Friedlander by his huge glasses and smirky custom hats. He and the other "writers" on 30 Rock are one of the bright spots on the show. I think this guy is really funny, but the thing I most like about him is his art collection. This is just down my alley:

Click here to visit Judah's excellent collection of bad (good?) art.

Among a fine collection of bad Elvis art, he also has a great mix of sculpture, toys, and fine art miscellany to appreciate. The art is good, but his comments seal the deal. Here's a couple of pieces that I enjoyed:

"Leif Garrett’s smart twin brother. Future cult leader. High school junior love interest in a Judy Blume novel."

"A print of Dorothy Hammill from when she won the 1976 Olympics in Montreal. This print has all the excitement and drama of her gold medal performance. It even has women dressed in traditional Montreal garb holding freshly baked bread. I also like the silhouette of her in the lower left corner. And then to top it off, there’s a bunch of words written about her in the lower right corner. This piece has the three E’s. Exquiste. Exciting. Educational."

"Another one of my favorites. Don’t know if these are landhoppers or if they can fly. But they do like to sit on wood and seem to prefer to travel in pairs – probably for safety. Probably from another planet originally. May have time traveled or space traveled. Not with their own time machine or spaceship – but probably sneaked onto someone else’s without them knowing and went along for the ride. My feeling is that these are the types of creatures that make friends easily."
I once had a collection of gigantic carved Polynesian spoons and forks that would have fit perfectly in this collection.

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