Thursday, December 10, 2009

Avatar - Anticipation and Fear

I'm up in arms about James Cameron's new film, Avatar. I just read a glowing review from the London premiere but I am skeptical. Part of me sees this as new era in imaginative cinema, and the other half thinks it's going to be a cheesy action-romance flick which features tall blue cat people. I'm hoping this movie finally pulls audiences beyond noticing monstrously complicated special effects into a experience where the story is the main focus and the effects are just a vehicle. I know. Dream on...

The Star Wars prequels were really bad examples of effect over story. There was so much superfluous crazy detail in those films that you couldn't really appreciate the work. The number of special effects per second blinded the viewer - not to mention that some poor schlep had to spend years making sure that tiny droids in the background of a battle scene exploded properly.

Avatar has a chance to pull action/fantasy/sci-fi into a more serious realm. I'm interested to see if Cameron's grand vision will pay off. Here's the trailer. Roll the blue battle cats!

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