Sunday, December 13, 2009

Shiny Design - Enough Already!

Have you noticed the trend of making products and media shiny? Over the last 3 years designers have applied a mirror-like finish on everything from electronics to website buttons. Take a look at the latest phones on the market. iPhone? Shiny! Palm Pre? Shiny! Almost all of the new netbooks on the market are so glossy that they can be hung on the wall above your bathroom sink. My new Dell Studio 14z looks like someone dipped it in lip gloss.

Shiny is all over the internet, as well. Web 2.0 logos and site designs are also part of this reflective conspiracy. I blame Apple for this current trend. Although I lurve the iPhone, every aspect of Apple's design scheme is dripping with shiny. When you're the coolest thing on the market for the last 3 years, like-minded designers will follow. Here are some examples of Apple's style and the lemmings who followed:

Notice any similarities? I for one am done with shiny! Have you noticed how many fingerprints show up on a newly cleaned iPhone? It takes one phone call to make your phone look like a it's been man-handled by buttery fingers. Oh, and if you've ever handed your phone to a child in the backseat of your car then you know precisely what I mean... disastrous.

Where are you my sweet matte finish!?! It's time (cue Kurt Cobain) for a return to grunge.

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