Saturday, December 5, 2009

Stop Motion Madness!

One of the drawbacks about being a Dad who teaches digital media is that I have to practice what I preach with my own kids! Kidding... I love doing stop motion movies on the weekend (wink). For reals (as the kiddies say), Christy is away working on book two this weekend so the kids and I are experimenting with some movies. I built a little backdrop with some leftover black foamcore and a glue gun (one of my favorite tools). A few well placed lights, and a camera on a tripod and we're good to go!

As you can see from these test movies, we've got our work cut out to make a full film. These samples have over 100 stills in each film. This drudgery makes me appreciate the skill behind Wallace & Gromit. We're planning to film a simple story tomorrow. Although I like the idea of using Legos and minifigs, I think the larger action figures are a better fit for what we want to do. The Digger character is from Hank's Planet Heroes collection. The other thing that is annoying me is the pixelation that is occuring, I think Adobe Premier Elements is doing something funky when I import the stills. No promises about posting the final results tomorrow! I may be on medication after the 400th shot.

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Anonymous said...

Scott, I'm impressed (and also sorry I showed those little movies to your kids)! Those are fantastic.