Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Nerd Dream Come True - Pop Sci Free Archives

I consider myself a "Maker" (which is the hipster name for what use to be known as tinkerer, hobbyist, shop guy, etc). I just discovered that Popular Science has opened its archives on the Internet, and like a blast from the pre-2000 Internet past... it's completely free! Today is also the 131st birthday of Albert Einstein, so I think that it is quite appropriate to drool over cool science projects and technical wonders from the past. Click here to visit the Popular Science Archives.

The future seemed so palpable back then. Check out this cool hovercraft from 1965. Why don't we build anything cool looking like this anymore? I'm upset that we don't have hovercrafts and personal robots by now. Clearly all of those futuristic movies and books were wrong!

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