Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mysterious Hieroglyphics Surface in Ashland

I walked outside today and found these mysterious glyphs embedded into my crappy, crack-ridden driveway. What civilization doth these images mirror? Who is the enigmatic artist behind these carefully drawn historic symbols? What secrets lie in the simple chalk and stone before me!?!

After much local inquiry, archeologist Henry Raedeke answered these questions and more, "Dad, it's Indiana Jones and the Lost Ark of the Covenant! He just lowered himself down on a vine into the cave." Silly me, I lack the interpretive vision!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Congratulate Henry for me. Grammy

Anonymous said...

Oh, how Hank and Anders would have much to talk about. Or do in the wilds of the PNW. We fondly call him "Indianders Jones".