Sunday, October 10, 2010

10-10-10 Blogtastic Time Machine

Hey hipsters! It's 10-10-10 which means 42 in binary. Besides being a squarely middle aged reference, apparently this number is also special. Not bored enough with your life? Then join all of the discussions on teh intewebs about Douglas Adams mention of 42 in Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy... I took a break from blogging and digital media this summer. First time in a long time that I didn't touch any Adobe products or blogger for several months. Time to get going again. I had a great summer, so let's try to recap a few highlights on this epic Blogtastic Time Machine post:

My Wife's Book Signings! - Throughout the summer we attended several events to promote my wife's latest book, "Prophecy of Days". This included stints in Seattle, Portland, Ashland, and San Francisco. I'm soooo proud of Christy, in addition to her talents as a writer she's an all around awesome mom, wife, and purveyor of all things sweet and miniaturized. Ahem... if you'd like to support her work, hop on over to to grab a copy of the book (it's also available on the Kindle). It's very reasonably priced. Here's a pic of the book and Christy doing a reading at Kepler's in Palo Alto.

SkillsUSA Nationals in Kansas City - My main man Marshall put in another awesome showing in the Advertising Design competition at SkillsUSA Nationals this year. He's a senior now, so I'm really excited to see a threepeat at state. I chaperoned four young men during the week and they were very well behaved. We had a great time. During a break, Marshall and I toured through the Deco-styled Kansas City Memorial Hall. If you were ever a fan of the videogame Bioshock - this building is right down your alley. Memorial hall is an amazing architectural example of Deco style. Every nook and cranny has a cool little feature. One sad part of its history is the fact that Patsy Cline performed her last concert in this building before her tragic plane crash.

Maker's Faire - I was lucky enough to be in the San Fran area on the same weekend as Make Magazine's, Maker's Faire. A strange techno carnival, part burning man, part geek fest. I had to really sit on my hands not to buy every Arduino-related kit that they had on sale. We also had a bird's eye view of Waterboy, and the Mentos & Diet Coke dudes - who are now sponsored by Coke. Overall, a very odd but inspiring experience.

Backpacking in the Trinity Alps - I rediscovered backpacking with my kids this summer via a nice trip to the Trinity Alps National Wilderness Area. Located outside Scott's Valley in Northern California, this beautiful and rugged mountain range is one of the many stops along the Pacific Crest Trail. The kids were awesome hikers (even when Dad missed the trailhead and made them walk an extra 2 vertical miles on day one). We made camp next to a beautiful alpine lake, cooked all of our meals on a tiny SnowPeak stove, filtered all of our water, and left everything as we found it. A great time, although I think the kids are still scarred from going #2 in the woods.

New Family Member: H.R. Flufnstuf - Over a year ago our beloved 17 year old Stimpy passed away, so we vowed to get a new kitty at the beginning of the summer. Hence, H.R. Flufnstuf, dead ringer for Stimpy but with a very different personality. Loves to take baths! Let's the kids carry her around like a baby. Likes to sleep on my face at night! Not so excited about that last part... She's a great cat.

Many other wonderful moments these past three months. I'll try to be a better blogger, now that the weather is turning.

Yours in tech,


Daniel said...

Looks like some awesome times. You might find this interesting scott ( Our engineering department has designed and built (and I guess continuing design), an compartmentalized Arduino system based on the Arduino architecture... pretty sweet huh?

Oh, and backpacking is also great.

Daniel said...

Oh and here's a video of our second freshman year project ( (it's actually the video from the year before me, but it gives you a good idea of what we did). So this took place for me last semester. It was sweet... 'living the dream'.

Scott Raedeke said...

Hi Daniel, this is awesome stuff! I'm totally jealous and so I'm working on a time-machine to go back to college. Any day with robots is a good day... I might have to pick up an Arduino board for Christmas. Hope all is well, glad you're enjoying college.