Sunday, November 28, 2010

Duke vs. Oregon: A Festival of Singlers

The family travelled to Portland this weekend for a little getaway and to see the Oregon vs. Duke basketball game. About 800 South Medford High fans made the trip up north to see our favorite basketball sons, Kyle and E.J. Singler (both are grads of SMHS). The game wasn't much to talk about but it was cool to see a number one team in action. Kyle had a big game, scoring a career-high 30 points in the game. It was great to see a couple of Kyle and E.J. interactions - these guys are serious competitors and you could tell that their rivalry goes way back to childhood.

The Rose Garden Arena was impressive - it's an amazing facility with a great vibe. I had not been to the site since the old Memorial Coliseum days of the Rip City Blazers. It's well designed and it had the same feeling of intimacy with the court, even though it's much larger. Hank got a pic with The Duck (made his day!). Oregon had just beat Arizona in football the previous night, so props to The Duck for making the trip less than twelve hours post game. Apparently, school spirit takes no naps. Overall a very fun weekend of hotels, shopping, food and sports!

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Hey, I was there!