Saturday, December 4, 2010

Minecraft is Pixelated Magic

If you haven't checked out the latest new game craze, Minecraft, you really should download it and check it out. Minecraft is hard to describe, but essentially it's a sandbox style game where you mine for resources, craft items (shovels, picks, torches, food, etc) and build really cool structures based on elements on a randomly generated map. And, oh yeah, at night zombies attack you. It sounds bizarre, but it's an incredibly creative venture. Players have made hilarious and awe-inspiring structures with the simple tools provided in the game. Here's a fan made trailer for the game:

Yes, it's dorky, in the best possible way. This game is not full of the (yawn) blood and gore of the first person shooter style of game. If you play it you'll realize the inner-architect in you jumping on to the screen. Also, this is a great game for kids. The zombies, spiders and creepers are simple gore-free pixel blocks, which makes it appropriate for younger kids. If you are creeped out by zombie groans, there is a peaceful mode where monsters don't attack. Hank and Juliet have made some amazing castles, treehouses, and underground forts.

You can check it out at, where there is an in-browser free version or you can download a full featured alpha version for 9.95 Euros. One caveat, the game is still in alpha so it's still under development and probably several months away from final release. Regardless, I think this is one of the most creative games on the market today, and tailored made for my pixel obsession.


Kyora Xi said...

Minecraft has become an obsession of mine in the last month or so, leading to me being astonished upon seeing it on your blog, which I have finally gotten around to checking despite Amanda's constant reminders of the proper Google search terms.
Confound my poor memory, but none the less, it makes sense that your would approve of it. Your class and Mr.Jenson's are the two solitary things I miss from South... <_<
(BTW My blogspot account here is under my SL name...)

Scott Raedeke said...

Thanks for the visit, good to hear from you! Merry Christmas and say hello to Amanda for me!

Amanda said...

Hooray Raedeke enjoys Minecraft too! =D

I really should check your blog more often.

Hey, I wanted to let you know that I'm studying Digital Graphics Design at RCC and it's going quite well! I've already taken a couple art classes. =)
Visit my deviantart sometime and see the artwork I've done.