Sunday, January 9, 2011

Information IS Beautiful

Found this great site over the weekend that shows data in the most artistic and engaging manner. You should check out I did a post earlier about information graphics, and I think this site is in the same vein. The site features the work of David McCandless, a British writer, designer, and author who's done several pieces for Wired magazine. He also has a book out under the same name (Amazon link here). To quote David about his work, "My new book Information Is Beautiful explores the potential of data visualisation as a new direction for journalism and story-telling."

Here's a wonderfully visual representation of our fears from the last decade - check out the madness of swine flu mentions on the Internet. I encourage you to explore his interesting visualizations!


Hannah said...

I like information too! Sci fi is cool and I like technology. I just got a blog and are begining to write about stuff like that.

Toxic Orange said...

Love it and it is indeed beautiful. Spent quite a bit of time browsing the different visualizations