Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Serpent's Coil: Prophecy of Days - Book II

Yesterday was a big day around the Raedeke house, as Christy's second book arrived in the mail! Amazon is now shipping the second book in her Prophecy of Days series, The Serpent's Coil. Here's the description from Amazon (no spoilers!):
After discovering that Uncle Li betrayed her and the Fraternitas Regni Occulti burned down her family’s house, Caity Mac Fireland retreats to a boarding school that allows her to travel around the globe. With the murderous Fraternitas hot on her heels, Caity continues to mobilize the planet’s young people as she attempts to fulfill the Mayan prophecy. Helping—and sometimes hindering— Caity in her quest are her best friend Justine, boyfriend Alex, and new classmate Jules D’Aubigne, an intriguing French boy.

Can Caity end the devastating global reign of the Fraternitas and save the world?
...and, of course, the book features my favorite character Mr. Papers - a super smart monkey who can communicate via origami. In this book he pulls out some surprise ninja skills from his past. I keep begging Christy to let me pen the "History of Mr. Papers" to expose his epic and legendary life story. Maybe someday he'll get his well-deserved spotlight.

Congrats to my beautiful, funny, and talented wife for another notch in her writing career. The kids and I are very proud of your work. I'm also in awe of your ability to juggle being a mom, a writer, and your secret life as a military marketing maven! They should write a book on your weird and wonderful life - it's been a truly unique journey.

As you would expect, I highly recommend Christy's books and they are very inexpensive at $9.95 each! Support Christy's work, and buy the set on

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