Friday, July 15, 2011

Epic Journey to the Center of the Grand Canyon - Episode I

Greetings from Carson City, Nevada! The kids and I are in an RV with my parents and we are headed to the Grand Canyon. Today we left Jacksonville in my folks plush 30 footer (CRV in tow). This is a really kick-back way to travel, I particularly like the couch. It was a beautiful day, we passed by Mount Shasta, travelled down through Reno and ended in Carson City.
Speaking of... This is an interesting town that became a city based on a huge silver ore mine called the Comstock Lode nearby. During the Civil War, Nevada became a state and declared Carson City as it's permanent capitol. The city also has it's own mint - how cool is that! It's pictured to the right. 50 issues of silver coins and 57 issues of gold coins were minted here between 1870 and 1893 bearing the "CC" mint mark. The mint was established in Carson City to facilitate minting of silver coins from silver in the Comstock Lode. Now it serves as the Nevada State Museum. Another piece of random trivia - the old Bonanza TV show's "Ponderosa Ranch" was placed in this region just south of Carson City. This region definitely has an olde west twang to it.
Tomorrow, we're off to Death Valley!

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