Saturday, November 5, 2011

Support Indie Game Developers and Worthy Charities via the Humble Bundle

As I've mentioned before, my household (-christy) are big fans of Minecraft. This game is probably the most successful example of an indie game that went on to make millions. Many times we're so enamored with the big game studios that we forget that there are many talented and innovative smaller efforts in the market. One cool way to support these earnest code monkeys, is to buy bundles of their games that appear in the Humble Bundle (aka the Humble Indie Bundle)!

I'll let Wikipedia do the summary here...
The Humble Indie Bundles or Humble Bundles are a series of game bundling experiments that allow users to purchase collections of multi-platform DRM-free independently developed video gamesonline in a "Pay what you want" manner, with proceeds bypassing middlemen and going directly to the indie developers and charities. The first bundle was organized and managed by Wolfire Games. Beginning with the second bundle a separate company spun-off, Humble Bundle, Inc., with the sole purpose of making bundles. The bundles are made available for purchase during limited time frames. Purchasers are able to set how much they wish to pay for the bundles and how they want their money to be distributed between the games' developers and two charities: Child's Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The games in the bundles run on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux-based systems and are digitally distributed without digital rights management (DRM) controls.[1] Five bundle drives have been completed to date, breaking over $7 million in total sale and charitable donations.
Right now they are offering a great new version featuring some cool games:
  • Voxatron - an old-school, pixelated platform shooter that has cute hip graphic styling. This game was created by Joseph White and his team at game developer Lexaloffle. The tiny pixel peashooter bullets are awesome, and so are the pixelated explosion effects. If you're old-school like me, you'll notice nods to Robotron, Diablo, game boy adventure games, and many other classics. As an added bonus, it has very cool level building tools and user generated content options.

  • Blocks that Matter - Here's a very cool platform puzzler featuring a tiny driller robot named "Tetrobot". This game was created by Swing Swing Submarine - a small French game company owned by William David and Guillame Martin.  In a sly nod to creative rights, Tetrobot travels through underground puzzles to save his creators who were captured by someone trying to steal their work! It's a Tetris and Minecraft mashup that you'll really enjoy playing.

Please support the Humble Bundle! It's an excellent way to support worthy charities and the creativity of indie game developers. The latest bundle features the games above plus the game, "The Binding of Isaac". Pull out your e-wallets and buy now!

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